South West Agile Training

A component approach to all your Agile needs

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Your company is individual so don't opt for mass market training

Forget about vanilla courses that get you a standardised certification. We offer a tailored coaching and training approach that is bespoke to your own requirements so you get the knowledge you really need at a price you can afford. We can build you training packages from our library of components, or create you a content-rich business consulting or Agile coaching plan from scratch.

Sample Components

Great Story Writing

How to craft effective user stories that carry true business value


How to deal with the many challenges of conflicting priorities

Agile Backlog Management

The "need-to-know" module for Product owners and BA's

Lean Enterprise Thinking

Exploring Lean concepts to make outputs more efficient

Relative Estimating

Understanding how to deal with the uncertainty of size

Communication & Collaboration

A fun session to get people working better together

Scrum & Kanban comparison

Understanding the purpose of current methods

Visualising Work

How to properly see what you are planning and delivering

We come to you

Your office is the best place to teach your team. We don't expect you to fit in with some quarterly calendar of events that was set up nine months ago. We will find a convenient time to work together and deliver what you need.

We work all across Cornwall and Devon and can also be tempted further afield with coffee and cakes.

What people are saying...

Emyr D.

"In one hyphenated word ... life-changing. Our team went from 'thinking we we're Agile' to 'Ahhhh .. THIS is Agile'"

Pierce M.

"Matt was a trusted adviser, I would not hesitate to recommend him to other organisations"

Miguel R.

"Matt's knowledge of Agile methodology was instrumental for the ultimate successful delivery of our project."

More things that we do every day

Agile Lean Start-up advice

Find your way for your product and know when to pivot

Business Strategy Development

Understand what mode your company is in and how to move forward

Enterprise Target Mapping

Visualise your real customers and who you need to influence

Business Case & Pitch Reviews

Have a professional appraisal of your next big idea

Value Stream Mapping

Unblock and tune your processes with Lean mapping

Micro Business Toolkit

Guidance on surviving and thriving on being small

Event Speaking

We have a range of speaking sessions we can run at your events

Delivery Management

Helping you get your product "over the line" in time

Media / Articles

Some things we are thinking about or posting about at the moment

Why waterfall management doesn't work for Agile Delivery

The hidden message in the original agile concept that should remove the misconceptions about management products

Diving business value for agile projects

If you read a scrum guide or a paper on prioritisation they all seem to fall into a grey area around what business value actually is..

Lead Consultant Twittering

Matt's twitter feed is all about agile, lean and delivery-based things

We can help you

Thinking about Agile is the first step on an exciting journey.
The next step is speaking to people who can help you along the way.