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Corporate Services

Your corporate Agile starter

As an out of the box starter package, South-west Agile Training proposes a small suite of sessions that can be taken individually or combined to give internal staff the knowledge and confidence to be effective in there roles within Agile environment. The courses are informal and attendees will receive a certificate of attendance at the end.

All staff will find direct relevance and benefit in attending our Agile Fundamentals workshop that explains the origins of Agile; its place and success compared with other methodologies such as waterfall, and introduces the concepts of open collaboration, iterative delivery, and inspection & adaption through the Scrum process.

Depending on individual staff roles we would recommend particular people e.g. Business Analysts, Product Owners and Scrum Masters/Team Leads to attend our "Agile Ready" courses that are targeted towards their particular area and will provide extra skills and knowledge to help them work with the processes and interactions needed in Agile Delivery.

Training for Specific needs

We have a wide range of small "bite-sized" sessions that we can deliver to specific groups or teams covering everything from effective story writing, backlog managment, estimating and prioritisation techniques, to understanding Lean concepts and how to identify and remove process waste.

We can also tailor these courses into specific packages to meet your exacting needs. These sessions are highly interactive and include activities and questions sections as well as delivering the key messages.

Agile Coaching

Are things just not quite right yet or do you need to move your teams up the Agile maturity curve? Whatever you need some individual support with, our coaching and consulting services can help you.

We will come on-site and observe your current practices then give your teams help and guidance on where improvements can be made, processes can be improved, or new practices can be adopted.

Whether you need the value of moving to Agile demonstrating to senior management or have a team stuck and uncertain how to progress, we can help prvide the answers.

FREE WORKSHOPS if your company is in Cornwall!

We are offering completely free Agile consulting in Cornwall in Spring/Summer 2017! You can have a half-day workshop delivered at your workplace for small or large groups and to meet your specific corporate needs.

This could include understanding how Agile can fit a "non technical" company, introducing useful "lean" working practices, getting senior management understanding what Agile can offer, a user-story writing workshop, or even a full Agile capability assessment.

Any Company will find benefit from this service (even if you are a micro-business) regardless of industry and it is completely free (apart from some coffee and biscuits perhaps). Please use our Contact page or email us to get in touch and see what we can do together.

This offer may be withdrawn at any time and is subject to consultant diary constraints - get in touch to get a diary slot!