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Our Background

South West Agile Training

South-west Agile Training formed in 2015 and are part of a management consultancy firm with registered offices in Hove and a presence in Devon and Cornwall. We offer a broad range of Agile and business improvement training courses and certifications which we deliver throughout the south-west of England and South Wales.

We recognise that Agile training can prove costly for indivudals and often courses are not local, so we offer very competetive pricing at locations that are easily accessable and convenient across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire and Glamorgan.

Harbour Technology is a UK consultancy providing Agile delivery and Project Management services aligned to Government Digital by Default and Service Design Manual practices. Harbour Technology consultants have deep commercial experience working within both waterfall, Agile and Scaled-Agile environments and work nationally across the UK. As a part of an overall service offering, South West Agile Training was set up as a part of the company specifically dedicated to providing certified training and coaching to both the public and commercial clients.

Harbour Technology also offers Management consultancy services across the spectrum of business including process improvement, transformational change, Programme audits and Management coaching, with experience spanning many sectors including Government, Pharma, Finance, Retail and New Media.